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it’s no surprise that I got Kagura and Celica as the first two. and then everyone else tied for third is perfect too. huh….

Someone made a Blazblue character sorter, and this is what I got. I have to admit, this is a fairly accurate list. After Mu, I would probably change some people around though.

…….even Linhua is better than Saya/Izanami.


art by [十十]

... Wait for me, Ragna... Hehehe.


one of my favorite things about rereading the karneval manga is when nai turns into that blob that looks like a lemon


like i can’t breath e


oh my gOD



Just explain the Yotaka thing please, don’t just make him appear and then not explain anything for 20 chapters. There are still so many mysteries in Karneval that haven’t been brought to light.